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Smart’s World Cup Predictions Game

As the global World Cup Series returns after over 5 years, to stimulate some excitement in the customer base, Smart will be conducting its World Cup Predictions Game.



In Smart’s World Cup Fantasy Predictions game, Smart customers will be able to forecast the results of the upcoming World Cup competition to gather points and win prizes. The below list of matches will need to be utilized to place your votes. Customers can place a vote on the final score of each match, predicting which team will win. You can vote as many times as you wish for any World Cup match that has not begun for the low cost of $0.50 per vote. Four points will be awarded for each accurate prediction. Cast your votes now using the below methods:

The list of matches can be viewed on the Smart app or click the link below for a PDF version

                                                                                              of matches to learn the match number, Team A, and Team B. 

The World Cup 2022 Overview:

There are a total of 64 football matches in the World Cup 2022 competition. The 64 Matches will be divided into two categories, namely the groups and the knockouts. The groups will take place over a 12-day period, consisting of 4 football matches daily. The knockouts will be subdivided into 5 subcategories, namely Round of 16, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, Play-off for Third Place, and the Final. The Round of 16 will take place over 4 days with two football matches daily.

The Round of 16 will take place over 4 days with two football matches daily. The Quarter-Finals will take place over 2 days with two football matches daily. The Semi-Finals will take place over 2 days with one football match daily.The Play-off for Third Place will be one football match for third place. The Final will be one football match to determine the winner and second place.

How to manage your points, play the game, 

and follow the World Cup Competition via the Smart App?

       You can manage your votes via SMS, for which you will receive your cumulative point balance after each successful vote is submitted. 

Manage your Points and Follow the World Cup Matches via the Smart App! Through the Smart App, you will be able to check the following on the World Cup Competition Page:   Query your Point Balance for free Review the List of Matches | Submit/Enter Votes | View the Match Results in real-time for ongoing and past matches.

How are points assigned?

    0 Points – if you do not predict the winning team 1 Point – if you choose the correct winning team or if you predicted that the match ends up in a draw.  3 points – if your score prediction was correct.

After customers have submitted their prediction, they will get a confirmation SMS. This message will include the Toal number of points accumulated to date. Note that the points from your most recent SMS vote will only appear after the final match results.

      SMS Notification: Your vote has been placed. Thank you for participating in Smart’s World Cup 2022 Promotion. Presently, you have XX points accumulated in the competition.

Is there any cost to play?

Each entry costs $0.50 inclusive of tax.

Prepaid and Hybrid postpaid customers will be charged using prepaid credit.

Fully Postpaid customers (Plus, Share, and Enterprise Plans) will be charged on their monthly bill.

How do you win a prize?

The top three customers with the most points at the end of the competition win the prizes. First, Second, Third place prizes will be available.